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In the spirit of “germ week’…and honestly, it didn’t start out that way…our Ass of the Week is Dr. W. Scott Harrington of Tulsa, OK.

Things are not OK in OK, they are pretty scary.

Allegedly, Dr. Harrington has been using ‘dirty’ instruments and re-using needles and vials for the past seven years.

A health inspector said the instruments coming out of the auto-clave, a machine that cleans dental devices which I have probably misspelled, were so dirty, “…I wouldn’t let my kids play in the yard with them…”

Oh great!

Now, some 7,000 patients are being notified by mail that they should be tested for HIV, hep B, and hep C.

If you go to the dentist, and you should twice a year, and the dentist is using rust or dirty instruments and is not wearing gloves or changing gloves between patients, FIND A NEW DENTIST!

When the Dr. was asked about the office’s sterilization process, he referred to his staff, saying, “they take care of that”.


Dr. H

So, congrats, Dr. H.  you may be allegedly accused, but you are this week’s AOTW!

And I just like to add, my dentist does change his gloves in front of me, and I’ve never seen any rust any where!

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