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Playboys, players, womanizers, call them what you like, there are some men who just can’t settle down.

Most men are happy with monogamy, they fall in love, find “the one”, and stay for ever.

Oh, I know, that the divorce rate is high, but you hear of people who are married for years.  40-50-60- and even 70.  It happens.

But, there are men in the world who ‘get around’.

Here are a few.

Warren Beatty claims to have bedded 12000 women. Frankly, I’m surprised he’s had time to make any movies.


Charlie Sheen – 5000.

Horn dogs abound now, and have for centuries.

Howard Hughes was a millionaire ladies man.  He slept with stars like Ava Gardner and Bette Davis and hundreds more.  He married two of those stars, Jean Peters and Terry Moore.

Most of us remember Hughes as a crazy old man, but he once was a handsome millionaire with genius and power….and lots of women!

And he looked like this!


He was supposed to be able to fly a plane and unhook a bra at the same time!


As far as Presidents go, Bill Clinton – who got around – couldn’t pick UP JFK’s penicillin at the drug store. Spies, starlets, and other strumpets – Monroe, Mansfield, and more.  He claimed to get a headache if he didn’t have sex every day!

Hef – 5000 Bunnies bounced in his bed.


After having sex with two sisters, Casanova claimed to have found his life long passion.  SEX!  Casanova bragged that he seduced women without using alcohol!  Well, there goes Greek Week!


He’s also given credit for creating the condom.

Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have had sex with 20,000 women.  At one a day, that would take over 54 years! So, threesomes, foursomes, 50somes, stadiumsomes?


Of course, there’s Porfirio Rubirosa.  He hooked-UP with thousands of women, was an international jet-setter, and the FIRST playboy.  He married two of the wealthiest women in the world – Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton – and walked away from each marriage with millions.  His sexual prowess was so well known in France, a kitchen utensil was named for him.  Next time you want ground pepper on  your salad, ask the waiter to bring the Ruibrosa!


Jack Nicholson – 2000 women.  Julio Iglesias – 3000, and porn star, Ron Jeremy – 5000.  All in a day’s work!

Fidel Castro’s documentarian-biographer claims that Fidel had sex at lunch and dinner, and sometimes breakfast EVERYDAY for 40 years, sleeping with 35,000 women.  There was a Sex SWAT team, no that’s not a typo, who hit the beaches every day recruiting abducting babes for the boss’ bed!


Again – not bad looking then – but now….YIKES!

But, THE player of all time – Gengis Khan.  Genghis Khan, while conquering Asia, India, and part of Europe, was banging everyone he could!


Genghis didn’t use tired and trite pick UP lines like, “What’s your sign?” or “If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?” He said, “Do as I say, or I’ll slaughter your people and burn your village.”

He had sex with so many women that 1 in every 200 people alive today can trace their ancestry back to him. That translates into 16 million descendants!

There must be a wing named for him at the child support office?

Kinda makes John Mayer, man-whore that he is, look like a piker!


Horn dogs and Lotharios – Inglorious Bastards?


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