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French director Roger Vadim was the quintessential ladies man.  He loved the ladies, and there were many.

He created the sex-kitten.  You know, the trampy, naughty blonde with the tousled mane of hair.

Yeah, that one.

They were all beautiful.

They were all young.

The problem was they got older.   And they got tired of his kinkiness.

Vadim began dating Bardot when she was a 15 year old ballerina.  He was 22.  Two years later, they married.  He made the film And God Created Woman in 1956, it was his first film, and made him rich.


He made two more films with her, she played the sexpot as always, but alas, she grew UP, he tired of her and they parted.

A year later, it was 22 year old Annette Strayberg who caught his I.  They had a child – a daughter, Nathalie, married, and divorced in quick order.


Catherine Deneuve was half his age when they hooked UP.  She was 17, beautiful, French, they never married, but had a son named Christian.

Deneuve and Vadim

Of course they made movies together.  He worked with all his wives and girlfriends.

But, again, she got older.

In 1963, 36 year old Vadim moved in with 26 year old Jane Fonda.  They had met ten years before, but Henry made sure Vadim kept his distance.  By then, when they met, Jane was in a “rebelling against Hollywood, moving to Paris finding herself kind of mood”. They married in 1965, had a daughter in 1968, and divorced in 1973.  By then Jane was 36.  Really, pushing 40!  He was tiring of her, and she was tiring of his group sex obsession.

Fonda and Vadim

There were others after Fonda.  He married one of them and she stayed with him until he died in 2000.

But Fonda was “THE one”.

Vadim’s oldest daughter, Nathalie said, “…Jane was the love of my father’s life.”

I guess even if there’s only one true love, he could still appreciate the ladies, the beautiful ones, in his own way.  His films from And God Created Woman to Barbarella were chocked full of sexpots.  It was his trademark, and he said it well when he said…“You wouldn’t ask Rodin to make an ugly sculpture, or me to make a film with an ugly woman”.

No, no, I suppose we wouldn’t?

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