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On January 2, 1791. the Wyandot and Delaware tribes surprised a settlement in what is now, Morgan County Ohio.

It is referred to as the Big Bottom Massacre.

Yes, they did not like big butts, and they could not lie!

Actually, the big bottom in question was a low lying area off the Muskingum River, the raid wasn’t to rid the area of only the large bottomed, but to clear the bottom land of all butts squatting there.

The tribes were tired of the ‘white man’ breaking his treaties and encroaching on their lands.  The Wyandots had sold the land to the Ohio Company back in 1787, but I’m not so sure they really understood what they were doing.

Language barriers.

Eleven men, one woman, and two children were killed in the raid.  Three other settlers were captured, four escaped to tell the tale.

There were no Indian casualties.

Axe for axe

It was a crappy way to start the New Year, I really hope your’s is starting off better!  And I kinda hope Sir Mix A Lot doesn’t read my blog…nah, there’s no chance of that!


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