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…celebrities I don’t want to hear about in 2013!

Someone actually requested this, I won’t mention any names, but her initials are R.O.B.I.N., and I work with her.

First UP:

Kim Kardashian – Without make-UP, she looks just like any other peasant from the Fertile Crescent!

Kim sans Loreal

And, Tyler Perry can slap her over-sized ass in a thriller, but that don’t mean she can act.  And, since she’s more shallow than I, she’s just got to stop, and we’ve just got to stop talking about her.

Charlie Sheen – Yeah, I’m sure he meant to say maggots!


The good looking money-maker of the 1980s has had his 15 minutes of fame.  He ruined a great TV show, screwed UP several lives, revealed his true self, and really, his true self disappointed us!  Retire or get it together!

Piers Morgan – BBC Castoff.


I really miss Larry King!  Morgan, who replaced the CNN live interview icon has spent his tenure on the American airwaves touting his own philosophy.  It’s an interview show, ask questions, get answers, don’t tell me how to vote, whether or not to own a gun, or who’s right and who’s wrong!  Go home.  We have enough British castoffs to last us a while.

Honey Boo Boo – Really, at the very least stop telling people you’re from Georgia.


We already have Newt Gingrich, Jimmy Carter,  and Cynthia McKinney to embarrass us.  Go away, and take your tacky Mama with you!

And last but not least…

…The Donald.


You made absolutely not difference in the election. Obama won anyway, your ranting and raving about his ‘place of birth’ and his right to be President had no IMPACT!  And on your way out of town, get a damn hair cut.  You look ridiculous!

Gosh, was that out loud?

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