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Poor Edythe.

So, is every bride really beautiful

You know, the other one on Downton Abbey.  Poor thing, she was left at the altar by a broken down old man.  Oh, sure, he said it was for the best, and that marrying her would rob her of her life, but really, dumped, Lady Edythe, a Crawley woman jilted!!

Now we all have to hate him!


But, alas, we all feel a touch of sympathy for her.

It’s not easy, she can be such a B!

I called this one right.  I also called it right that Matthew would ‘man UP’ and cut the cord to the cash to save the estate from the Sheriff’s sale.  And he did.

So, daring to rush in where angels fear to tread, I’ll make some more predictions.

Tom will screw UP, get in some revolutionary trouble, Sybil will either die after the birth of the baby or possibly,  because of Tom’s revolutionary ways, and the baby will come to Downton Abbey to be brought UP English, and not become a Sinn Féin  like his dad.

Tom and Lady Sybil

Edythe will find ‘something to do’, as every one suggested on the last episode.

Remember the farmer she helped out during the war?  Well, that, or he’s exactly what she’ll do.  Or very possibly get involved in Isobel’s “Habitat for Hookers” rehabilitation program.  Can you imagine?  Snooty, spoiled, bitchy Edythe helping hookers get off the street, find new occupations, and taking the straight path, I don’t see it, but maybe, just maybe, after all, Isobel is pretty persuasive.

Then again, she might hit the high seas and spend a while with Grandmama in Newport.  “It’s not a jungle.”, and I’m sure Shirley had so much fun, she’d come back for an episode or two.


Going out on another limb, Bates did it.  He’s guilty as sin.  Even Anna is doubting after her conversation with Vera’s only friend.


There have to be twists and turns.  Season four is in the works, and with Mary and Matthew finally married, there’s no scandal there.  Unless Sir Richard fills his papers with Mary’s shameful past.

Remember the Turkish Trot from Season 1?

Dead man dragging

Matthew’s way too noble and high minded to have an affair, Mary’s way too fond of money and position to let anything get in the way.

And unless they have a fight about having a baby or they have a baby and it dies, well, there’s just no drama left for them.

Of course, it is the Roaring Twenties now, so anything could happen.

But, back to poor Edythe.

Edythe and Granny

I’m sure the Dowager Countess would have some great advice.

Good advice


And of course, she should ring Carson for some tea!

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