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No, not the movie, the car.

Henry Leland founded the Lincoln Motor Company in August of 1917, but on January 26, 1922, Henry Ford bought the company out from under him.

It was a major coup.

Ford had been forced out of his second company by a group of investors lead by Henry Leland, and buying Lincoln was industrial pay-back.

Lincoln joined the automobile luxury line, and became THE luxury car for the anti-GM crowd.

They made some beautiful cars, and still do.

Here are a few…

1963 Lincoln Continental

This is a 1963 or 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible. (Mike, you’ll have to let me know which year it is…because I know you’ll know).

All my Germantown friends will remember Faye Arpp’s lavender suicide-door convertible back in the 60s. Every one lusted after that car, some secretly, because it was a beauty.

I remember asking her to let us use it in the homecoming parade  one year.  The answer was an emphatic NO!

1958 Lincoln Contienental Mark III

This is a 1958 Mark III.

Lincoln made Presidential cars as well.

Calvin Coolidge rode around in this beauty…

Calvin Coolidge's Lincoln

And, FDR tooled around, cigarette holder clenched between his teeth, in the Sunshine Special.

FDR in the Sunshine Special

Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy all used the 1950 Lincoln Bubble Top…

1950 Bubble Top

…and before it was retired in 1965, LBJ used it once.

And of course, my generation remembers the Lincoln JFK rode in that fateful day in Dallas in 1963.

Dallas November 1963

Lincoln is a great American Car, and a part of American history.

And they are still making beautiful cars today…backwards…

Lincoln MKZ

…and forwards.

Lincoln MKZ Front

I can’t help it, I just love cars.


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