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The original Batmobile sold at the Barrett Jackson auction yesterday for $4.2 MILLION!



Kinda puts that $44,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee in perspective!

The car was modified for $15,000 in 15 days for the Television series.  George Barris purchased the Italian Concept Car, a Lincoln Futura for $1.00, re-built it, and owned it until yesterday.

Some complete and total nerd with money to piss away logistics company millionaire owner bought it.

It was a dream come true for Rick Champagne, the new owner.

I’m sure the bubbly was flowing in celebration!

The car was the third star of the show after Adam West and Burt Ward, it had a car phone and could drop oil like James Bond’s.  It also had push button transmission, a V-8, and steering wheel controls that we’ve only seen on street cars in the past 10 years.

I’m sure the Dynamic Duo are happy it’s gone to a loving home.

Don't put me on hold!

And I’m sure Mr. Barris is enjoying his $4.2 Million!


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