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Las Vegas is the tackiest city in the world.

And I loved it!

Really, over the top music, 15,000 MILES of neon lights making darkness impossible, casinos everywhere, slot machines at the airport, music at every place you enter.  Over dressed, under dressed, barely dressed tourists from all over the world are there to let their inhibitions go, get crazy, get drunk, gamble, hook-UP, and Par-TAY!

It’s a party all day long.

Take the Chinese guy who was playing craps at The MGM Grand at eleven PM when I went UP to my room for example. when I came back down at 6:30 the next morning to get much needed coffee, he was still there!  Now, that’s dedication.

Speaking of coffee, Starbucks, $5.00 a cup, not a Waffle House in sight, and no one, and I mean no one knew what a Waffle House was!


And then there are the pimps handing out business cards on the strip for the hookers!

Tacky!  But apparently legal.

There are some great things there too!

The hotel was amazing.  The third largest hotel in the world, the MGM Grand has 5,000 rooms.

The view…


The rooms, newly renovated, amazing – were spacious, luxurious, and comfortable.

The lobby is amazingly HUGE.

But, there are no sofas, no chairs, no benches…I was amazed…they want you in the casino.

The staff is wonderful, gracious, helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain friendly.

The Concierge… amazing…

…they even found a place that would sell me a part for my C-PAP which got damaged in flight!  They negotiated a price for the “take me there wait for me and bring me back cab ride” to go get it!

And the food!


OMG.  You can’t get a bad meal there.

There are 19 restaurants in the Grand.


Emeril’s, Wolfgang Puck, Nob Hill, Diego, Rain Forest to name a few.

I ate at Nob Hill.

Their most famous dish is the Maine Lobster Pot Pie.

The pie contains 1 pound of fresh lobster flown in from Maine daily.  I skipped that…too much food…but the Caesar Salad with white anchovies and Prawn Cocktail was just enough!  I found out after 60 years that I DO like anchovies!

Who knew?

The place is huge.  Every thing is a mile away, and you’re still in the hotel!  I walked off more than I ate.

Oh, and I ate!

Then there are the shows.


I saw them…

…and him…

…but I didn’t get to see them…

…so, I guess I’ll just have to go back.

Yeah, tackiest city in the world, but I loved it!

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