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I know I whined about this last year, but really, it’s a problem!

I live about 300 miles away from my closest family member.  My kids live in Orlando – why I do not know – Florida, Mom and Zola are in Ohio, Charlie and Diane bounce back and forth from Ohio to Virginia, and Judy lives in the booming town of Yadkinville, NC.

So, shipping is the word at Christmas time around my house.  I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but it really gets on my nerves!

Shopping, I do on line.  Shipping I do at the Pack and Mail in Lilburn.

I won’t do this…

Line at the post office


…wait in line at the Post Office, the shipping place is faster, and sometimes even cheaper.

Plus, they ask me what I want, give me options, and pay attention to me.

But, when the shipping costs more than the girfts, well, I think it’s time to start sending gift cards!  I can drop them in the mail at the drive UP drop box, I can buy stamps in the lobby or on line, and I won’t have to spend my day off queuing UP at the Post Office.

Of course if I do that, I’ll put the UPS man out of work and, well, that would just be wrong.

UPS Delivery Man


He seems nice enough, and I’d hate to add to unemployment and all, even if FedEX is cheaper!

But, next year…I may not be in such a Christmassy mood!

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