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The naughty list for this year is just like last year.

Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan. She and the same stars have spent yet another year screwing UP, messing around, getting drunk, making bad movies, desecrating the memory of Elizabeth Taylor.

Really, unforgivable.

The nice list.

Well, there’s barely one!

I’ll get to that in a minute.

But it’s interesting to note where the words naughty and nice come from.

And you know I loves me some words.

Naughty comes from the word naught.  It means nothing, zero, a cipher, worthless.  It’s a very old word dating from the 16th Century.  It meant unhealthy back then.  Naughty was often used describe polluted water!

Naughty itself today means bad, ill-behaved, evil, wrong, things like that.  No surprise there, we’re used to the word at Christmas time. Sometimes it’s used as sexual innuendo.  As in “it’s good to be naughty once in a while.”

The origins of the word nice really surprised me.

It too had its beginning in France, dating from the 13th Century. That’s the 1200s just in case you were wondering.  And it didn’t mean at all what it means today.

Back then, nice meant foolish, stupid, or not knowing.

So, how did it change?  Well, words change over the years.  Gay used to mean happy, now it describes a life-style or culture.  Gross really means 144 of something, but gross also means disgusting, tacky, icky, or nasty.  Bad means evil in reality, but things can be good and be bad at the same time.  Like, she’s bad!, meaning she’s good looking, attractive, sexy.

Along the way, nice went from foolish and stupid to timid and then to dainty or delicate and finally to agreeable or likable. Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey completed the change by describing people and places and things as nice.  A nice walk on a nice day with a nice girl.

It turned to something good when Henry declared it a very nice word indeed!

So, now that you know whence came naughty and nice to our version of the English language, who’s naughty and who’s nice?

Of course Russell Brand was naughty…


…when isn’t he?

Randy Travis…


…drunk and naughty!

Shaun White…


…drunk, boisterous, destructive, and naughty!



…naughty, and not just for the hair style!

And Lisa Robin Kelly, Laurie of That 70s Show…


…strung out and very, very naughty!

Add in every politician in Washington for not getting this Fiscal Cliff thing settled, and well, it’s quite a list!

OH, yes,  there’s that whole Petraeus, Kelly, Broadwell thing as well!

Petraeus and Broadwell

So, was any one nice in 2012?

Mica Ertegun gave $41 MILLION to the University of Oxford!

Mica Ertegun

…that’s pretty nice!

Dolores Barr Weaver, wife of the dude who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars…


…gave $50 MILLION the the Community Foundation of Jacksonville!  That’s VERY nice.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey…

Governor Christie


…put politics aside to come to the aid of his State when Superstorm Sandy hit.   Nice!

Lots of people made the nice list.  Did you?

Here’s hoping you did, and that you have the Merriest Christmas yet!


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