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Atlanta, Georgia was all starstruck 73 years ago yesterday when the long awaited movie version of Margaret Mitchell’s classic Gone With The Wind premiered at the Lowe’s Grand.  And you all know I loves me some GWTW!

The crowds lined UP.

Atlanta Crowd for GWTW Premiere

The Stars showed UP.

Vivien Leigh and Lord Olivier with the Colemans

The Theater was lit UP.

Lowe's Grand Atlanta, GA

Rhett and Scarlett made UP.

Rhett and Scarlett

Notably absent was Hattie McDaniel, Academy Award Winner for her role as Mammy.

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie didn’t come because Georgia laws prohibited her from seeing a movie at the Lowe’s Grand and staying at the same hotel as the other stars.  In her acceptance speech at the awards ceremony when she won the Oscar, Ms. McDaniel said, among other things, “…I sincerely hope I shall always be a credit to my race…”

How sad it is that Atlanta wasn’t.

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