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Well, it was only a matter of time.

Skinny jeans have been around for a few years, and now – MEGGINGS.

Leggings for men.

Say it isn’t so.

Even though Prada, Givenchy, Nike, and Urban Outfitters are marketing them, not all the fashion world is happy.

Michael Carl of Vanity Fair, referred to them as “tragic”.

Yes, yes, they are.

But as sad as it is that fashion had fallen so far, it’s not really such a new thing. It may even have come full circle.

Pegged leg jeans in the 50s got all the boys in trouble in school.

The Sharks and Jets styled them in West Side Story.

Pegged Leg Pants.

And tight pants on men go back further than that.  All the way back to the 1490s for that matter.

Henry Tudor

King Henry VIII wore them then.

The Founding Fathers wore tight pants too.

Founding Fathers

Even I wore tight pants back in High School.

Me in 1967 Mexico


But, they weren’t Meggings.  They were pants.  And what about that name?

Go ahead, butch it UP all you want, they’re still tights.

Oh, I’ll admit, there’s a time and a place.

Men in Tights


Like when you’re three and it’s Halloween!

Lenny Kravitz  might wear them and so might Russell Brand.  At least they have the bodies for them.  But, as always, the muffin top crowd is going to pick UP on this fashion trend and we’re gonna’ see some one the size of Rush Limbaugh in a pair right after we’ve spent good money on a meal, and well, that’d just be a waste!

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