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Pizza Hut has joined the fragrance war!

That’s right, as if there aren’t enough colognes out there, a Canadian branch of the Pizza giant has come UP with its own fragrance.

The purveyors of this perfume point out that it smells “…like a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened, boasting top notes of freshly baked, hand tossed dough.”


After canvassing it’s Facebook page readers, a true test of what’s going on out there, I might add, the Pizza Chain took the suggestions of what a pizza inspired perfume should smell like to a real live perfumer  and came UP with several suggestions.

A few early scents were pepperoni, cheese – oh yes, that’s the one!!, and freshly baked bread.

But, alas, after extensive research and testing because these people have nothing to do since Madonna, J-Lo, Britney, Usher, Paris Hilton, Sean Jean, Katy Perry, Rhianna, Justin freakin’ Beiber, and my third cousin once removed’s Aunt Maude already have scents, these dweebs came UP with a fragrance that smells like hot pizza in a card board box thirty minutes out of the oven on a corrugated grease catcher.

Yes, yes, yes, a fragrance that will zoom to the top of all our Christmas lists at last!

Oh joy, oh rapture, oh for the love of Mike!

Now every one can smell like the delivery man’s car!  And now, at long last after a year or two of searching for the right product to endorse, Honey Boo Boo’s mom can rest easy!

Like I said, Eau Em Gee!


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