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For the first time in my life, I put UP two Christmas Trees.  It’s a lot of work!

For some odd reason, I’ve worked hard this year to get into the Christmas Spirit.

I’ve made 20 pounds of fudge, most of which has been devoured by my co-workers.  I sent my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  I have my shopping done.  I bought gifts for my children instead of cash.  And like I said, I put UP two trees!

I started with the skinny tree.  My kids call it the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Frankly, I like it.

Frosty Friends Christmas Tree

It is my Frosty Friends Tree. It’s done with collectible and keepsake ornaments.  Most of them are the Hallmark Frosty Friends.  Frosty Friends is a collectible set of ornaments I’ve been wasting my money on collected for the past 30 years.


The collection includes an Eskimo Child, Seal, Husky, and others native to Alaska.  Un PC, I know, but Hallmark’s too big to take on.

Plus, they’re cute.

FF 2006

This one is the 2006 edition.

I usually start looking for them to come out in July, I hit the Hallmark store every other week or so until they are there.  He goes on the shelf until the tree goes UP.

They vary from year to year in size and style.  The 2012 is right UP to par with the rest.

FF 2012

I don’t have the first two, we started late.  Each ornament is dated. That’s why we started buying them.  One of our wedding gifts was a box of Christmas decorations.  It’s a great idea actually.  After all, newlyweds are going to put UP that first tree, and ornaments will be purchased, so why not give them as a wedding gift.  But I digress.  The ones we had were dated and from the Gingerbread House in Colorado, and we ordered a new one each year.

Until they went out of business.

Then we started looking for others with dates.  Ergo:  Frosty Friends.  But we started two years into the series.  The first two sell for about $1,100. each, so I won’t be adding them!  I’m a collector, not a moron!

And this year, I decided. after whining about it for decades, I was going to get a White Christmas tree.  Yup, I was gonna’ bite the bullet, lay down the cash, and fancy UP the place.  I mentioned this to my walking buddy, Delila.  Her response, “I’ve got one I’ll give you!”

What’s better than free?


So, The next day at the mall, we moved it from her Honda Fit to my Jeep Liberty, and all was well.  That night I put it UP, put the lights on, and after bandaging my hands from all the wire cuts and wiping the sweat from my weary brow, I decided to decorate it with the heavy glass balls I’ve also been pissing money away on collecting for a couple of decades.

The pictures don’t do it justice.  It’s really pretty.  My daughter said it’s Fancy, and one friend told me it might possibly be the gayest tree in history.

White Tree 22

Every time I walk by it, I move something around. By the time Christmas gets here, it’ll look great!

For the most part, the balls on the tree are from India. Ironic, I know.  They are heavy, pretty, and glizty.  I like that.

Red Ball and Tear Drop Ball

Since I put the Scarlet and Grey ones side by side, I put the orange a blue ones together to make the Gator fans in my life happy.

Gator Balls

Whether they are bells or balls or tear drops, they make me smile, and they make the house Christmassey, and put me in the mood.

Glass Balls and Bell

Is  your tree UP?  Or are you still Scrooging around?

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