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Igor Miroschnichenko!

You’re it.

Miroschnichenko is a politician from the Ukraine.  He’s also a racist, bigoted jerk.  Santa is most assuredly going to stuff his stocking with coal!

He referred to Mila Kunis as a “zhydovka”, which translates dirty Jew.


Nice, nice, Stalin would be so proud!

There are about a zillion Igor Miroschnichenkos on the internet, it must be the “John Smith” of Russia, so I refrained from posting a picture of him – just in case it was the wrong one!!

Responsible journalism.

But, I digress.

Mila Kunis, aka Jackie Burkhart from “That 70s Show” aka cute girl in “Ted” aka scary dancer in “Black Swan”, is a Ukrainian immigrant to the US.

Iggy says she’s not a real Ukrainian because of her Jewish heritage.

Well, I say welcome to the good Old US of A, Mila, we’re all Americans here first, and Jewish, Black, White, Hispanic second.

As to Igor, to quote Mimi Bobcheck, “bite me!”

Yup, Mr. Miroschnichenko, you’re the Ass of the Week!

And so close to Christmas…


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