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There are times when you know not to say it.  Know it’s going to blow the lid off things, know the proverbial caca is gonna’ hit the fan, and know someone’s going to stomp off in a hissy.

Well, what a way to end the new year.

While watching the Seahawks beat the living daylights out of San Francisco the other night, one of my writer buddies made the comment, “I love that stadium, that’s what we’re going to have in about four years!  Open air, retractable roof, it’ll be great!”

Century Field

Well, all I said was, “They should take the money from the stadium and buy the teachers guns.”

Well, you’d a thought I’d called the Pope a Muslim!  I was practically drummed from the room.  Verbally abused, beaten about the head and shoulders, scoffed at, pooh poohed, and scorned.

Really, who knew?

You see, Atlanta has the Georgia Dome.  It’s fine.  It’s indoor, it’s big, it’s rarely full, and it’s paid for.

Georgia Dome

So, why piss away more cash on a new stadium just to make a few bucks for a few people who are part of that evil rich crowd we spent all of last Summer and Fall twitching about?

Yes, I cleaned that UP!

As to the gun comment, I don’t really think we should arm all the teachers, just a few, but never tell anyone who has the guns today!  And I’ll admit, there were a few times when I was working at a high school that a stun gun at the very least would have been handy!

I do think we need to protect our kids more, and I don’t think we need a new stadium.

But, really, all I said…

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