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I’m sure with the election just a day away, you’re all wondering if a widely circulated media outlet such as Redneck Latte Ravings will endorse a candidate.

Yes, yes, it will.

The decision’s been a long time coming.  Hard fought and hard won, the staff at Redneck Latte Ravings has finally made UP their mind.

We watched the pre-debates, the debates, the post-debates, the re-hash, the pundits, the newsmen and newswomen, heck, we even watched the hacks, and after much though, prayer, meditation, and yoga, a decision has been reached.

It wasn’t easy, Blood, Sweat, and Tears playing in the background, we thought, we fought with our self, we discussed and cussed, things were thrown, barbs hurled, accusations made.

It wasn’t pretty.

But after all this, after nearly two years of commercial after commercial, bumper stickers, yard signs, phone calls, emails, letters in the mail, conversations at work, church, the Waffle House, and on the street, we had to decide.  The day is here, a choice had to be made, so we did.

Oh, we tried them all, savored the moments we loved, tasted the truth, and tried for reason.

And we’re sure, completely sure, absolutely positive, with out a doubt certain, that Peter Pan really is the best peanut butter out there.


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