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Yada, yada, yada, they keep yacking away on TV about the Fiscal Cliff.  Cliffs aren’t such a bad thing.  But the news, Congress, and the President are all pretending to be worried about this special one.

There are lots of Cliffs out there.

Clifford Odets was a famous playwright, he wrote Golden Boy.

There’s Cliff Clavin, Norm’s buddy from Cheers.  Really, he was a nice guy, and he was in Cars too.  What’s not to like about him?

…and, how about Cliff Richey, he was a tennis player who got terribly depressed, got better, and got a book published?

…and Science Fiction devotee will know Cliff Simak.  He won all kids of awards, wrote books, made money, remained unattractive all his life, but seemed to be a pretty happy guy.  He’s a nice Cliff, don’t you think?

…and, Cliff Drysdale, no relation to Milton, was another Tennis Pro.  He was from South Africa.

He beat Ilie Nastase and a bunch of tennis pros back in his day, and he rocked the Tennis Shorts and Sweater too!

Then there’s Jazz Trumpeter, Cliff Brown, sure he died at 25, leaving only four years worth of work, but he influenced Jazz for years to come.

And what about Cliff Lee.  He’s a baseballer, and what’s more American than Baseball?  OK, Apple Pie, Chevrolet, yeah, I know.  But, really, it’s baseball.

Sir Cliff Richard is a British Rocker and philanthropist who has sold 250 million albums, and is credited in his 54 year career with the first British Rock and Roll song, Move It.

Cliff Robertson won and Oscar for his role in Charley, one of the greatest films of the 20th Century.  What’s not to like?

If Liz Taylor loved Montgomery Clift, so do I. One of the greatest actors ever, he lit UP the screen in Suddenly Last Summer, The Heiress, From Here To Eternity, A Place In The Sun, The Young Lions, The Misfits, and Judgement at Nuremberg.

OK, so his name’s spelled a little different, who cares?


…and of course the White Cliffs of Dover…

…what’s Merrie Olde England without them?

But, back to the news.  The Fiscal Cliff is looming, and once again, our ELECTED leaders are fussing and fuming, fighting, name calling, pretending not to budge, putting the people who ELECTED them in a frenzy.

Frankly, the American Public really doesn’t need the stress.  Get it together, make a decision or two, get a budget, and calm every one down.

We went through something similar to this last year, and this bunch of yay-hoos came charging in to save the day and make us all feel good.  We’re getting sick of it.

Fix the problem, or someday the voting public just might send a whole new team UP there to start over.

Hey, that’s a novel idea!!

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