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No, this isn’t a movie review.  It’s a restaurant review…white people shouldn’t run Chinese restaurants!

Take P. F. Chang’s.  Really, take them all, just don’t take me there!

With a gift card to P.F. Chang’s burning a hole in my pocket, we high tailed it UP to the Mall of Georgia for dinner.

Really, it’s a lovely place, great design, pretty food, helpful staff, courteous service, all you could ask for…and more.

It’s the more part that disturbed me.

The food was OK.  Just OK.  I’ll give them props on the Crab Rangoon, and the dessert gets an A+, but there was way to much sodium in the chicken dish, and yet there was no salt taste.  I can’t figure out how they do that, and I felt bloated for days.

The menu was in English, there were no Chinese symbols, no dragons, and other than the impressive mural on the wall over the bar, there really wasn’t any Chinese decor.

And of course, there was no Wor Su Gai, you may remember my search for that delicacy.

Their wasn’t an Asian person there;  customers or staff.  There were no Chinese lanterns.  There were no lutes and blinky, plinky. clinky music playing in the back ground.

The music was pop, and frankly was so loud I could barely hear the screaming child at the table next to us.  She wanted our candle, and Mommy said no, apparently for the first time in her life!

And, to top it off, my fortune cookie had no fortune.

Which after an exhaustive internet search, tells me I’m screwed, done for, over with, and at the end!  And when I shared with the manager on the way out…he made the mistake of asking me how we liked it…he nearly freaked out over the fortuneless fortune cookie.  He gave me five, just in case.

On the way out, I took a good look, after all, I won’t be back.

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