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I had a history professor at THE Ohio State University once say that the two things one never wanted to see made were sausage and laws.

Well, I’ve seen both, and brother was he right!

Years ago, I was the project manager on a telecommunications system for a conglomerate that included a meat packing plant…if that didn’t send me to veganhood, and it didn’t, nothing will.

We see our laws made all the time, and they seem to take far longer than sausage.  No budget for several years, the fiscal cliff looming, grumping and griping in Washington, bitter recriminations from both sides of the aisle, and just slow, slow, slow progress, if any at all.

It’s nothing new.

Today is Articles of Confederation day.  Yeah, it’s not a national holiday, we still go to work, school, and the mail still runs, but it is a pretty big deal.  It was the first step in the real organization of the UNITED States of America.

The Articles of Confederation was the system that the US ran on before it was THE US and we had a Constitution.

The delegates bickered and fought for fifteen months before they came UP with a document that all thirteen colonies could approve.  It happened on November 15, 1777.  We were still in the throes of the Revolution and no one really knew if we’d ever gain our freedom from King George III and his Hessian troops.  But the boys bickered, bitched, fought, and whined about every little thing.  And some really big things too.

Once the delegates all got on board, the AOC had to be sold to the voting public back home.  It dragged on for several years.  Virginia signed first, Maryland was the last hold out, refusing to sign on until Virginia and New York gave UP their claims to the Ohio River Valley lands.  Real estate and power were just as important then as now/  The AOC couldn’t go into effect until all 13 were in lock-step, and Maryland just got all pissy about it and refused to join the club until VA and NY went blue or red, or what ever color it was back then.  It took until 1781, four more years,  for all the colonies/states to ratify the document, and a real government to be set UP.

So, take heart America, this is what we are, what we’ve always been: men with ideas and precious beliefs refusing to budge until someone else blinks.

We’ll get to where we need to be, it might just take more time than we want, and it might get a little stinky.


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