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Millions of teenage boys and girls for that matter, like Jimmy Carter, have lust in their hearts from time to time.  Usually for the girl or guy in front of them, but more often than one might think, they are HOT FOR TEACHER!

When I was at BHS there was always a new teacher the kids went nuts over.  Coach Leden, Coach Dyer, Coach this, Coach that, seems like it was usually a coach.

But, not always.

Abigail Powers took a teaching position at a new school in the town of New Hope, NY.  It was the New Hope Academy.  Her oldest pupil was a 19 year old boy from the nearby town of Moravia.

The young man had a thirst for knowledge, Abigail saw something special in him and encouraged his studies.  His love of learning, desire for knowledge, and interest in the world around him lead the teacher and the student to become romantically involved.

Yes, yes, he was HOT for Teacher!

Though this would be a crime today, and it may have been a small scandal back in 1819, the two lovebirds, teacher and pupil, kept UP a courtship that lasted until their marriage seven years later.

Talk about your seven year itch!

Back in the day, dating couples didn’t live together, and if I’m not mistaken, sex wasn’t invented until somewhere in the 1950s, when Hugh Hefner came UP with Playboy.  A scandal then, it would be a crime in today’s society.

But, marry they did in 1826, when Abigail was 27, and the ‘boy’ was 26.

Some twenty-two years later, the power couple would find themselves living in the Nation’s Capital, the talk of the town.  He was the newly elected Vice President of the United States, Millard Fillmore.

UPon the death of Zachary Taylor, Fillmore became the President, and Abigail the First Lady.

A woman of ‘delicate’ health, she pawned most of the First Lady duties off on her daughter, Abby.  Mom in the meanwhile collected books for the White House Library, which housed the piano, harp, and other family items.  It’s now the oval office.

While attending the inauguration of Franklin Pierce, Abigail caught a cold, developed a fever, and died some 26 days later, proving to all that teachers should never come on to their students.

She had the shortest post First Lady existence.  Millard, grieved for an appropriate period of time and married a wealthy widow from New York.  Hey, Presidential pay was lower back then, and there were no book deals to be had for the boring man who lead the country during one of the most sectionally divisive times of its history.

Yes, there are political scandals a plenty out there, and I just love digging them UP!

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