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The news these days is quite scary.  Rockets’ red glare is taking on a new meaning as Israel and Hamas fire at one another.

It’s a mess.

It’s always been a mess.

It will always be a mess.

But now, there’s a truce.  Yes, Secretary Clinton has pulled off a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas, even though we don’t recognize Hamas, and we aren’t speaking to them.

Not peace, mind you, a truce.

That means, quite simply, that the shooting and bombing has stopped for a while.

It’s nice to know at a time when we in America are being thankful for what we have, readying for the Christmas Holidays by pushing and shoving each other at K-Mart, the Middle East is getting a little time off from the bloodshed.

What bothers me the most is not the fighting, it’s the news reporting.

Soledad “I Can’t Decide My Own Ethnicity” O’Brien said Thursday that the “…fighting was ignited by Israel bombing Gaza…”.  Really, Ms. O’Brien?  The folks in Gaza have been lobbing rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for decades.

Later on in the same report, another reporter, who’s name I did not catch said that “…the people in Gaza were celebrating by shooting guns in the air and cheering…” because the “…Israelis had stopped the aggression…”.

Bull shit!

All day long, they, CNN, Fox, HLN, and MSNBC,  report civilian casualties.  What they don’t say is that the folks in Gaza are hiding behind a human shield.  Mainly, their own children.

You see, they aren’t telling us that many of the homes in Gaza have a built in rocket launching room.  A four or five room house:  kitchen, living, sleeping, and rocket launching rooms.

That’s right rocket launching rooms.

The roof on the room slides back, the launcher is wheeled UP, and the rocket is launched.

Meanwhile, the kids are in the room next door playing with the Wii.

“Innocent” children in Gaza?

So, when the Israelis shoot back, they are seeking the rocket launch sites.  The fact that they are next door to the family room is on the heads of the folks in Gaza.

And, what about the targets in Israel?  Are there any civilian targets there?  Of course there are.  Humans fight wars, humans die in wars.  Israel is fighting for survival.

And of course they don’t show pictures like this one where an old man accused of spying for Israel was dragged behind a motorcycle in celebration of his death.  And why are his pants down?  What’s UP with that?

And they don’t show the pictures of the wounded five minutes after, when the fake bandages are removed and the ‘wounded’ is UP and walking around.


Miraculous recovery…

And they don’t show pictures of the targets in Israel…Hamas has launched over 1200 rockets in three days.

It’s all PR.

And it’s a load of crap.

Oh, yes, it’s real, there are people dying, there are people injured, but the reports are inaccurate, filtered, and the images sent to the news are cleansed by the ones sending them.  Mainly, Hamas.

This battle has been going on for over 4,000 years, and frankly, if Caleb and Joshua had done their jobs back in the day, we’d not have the problem.

So, get the story straight.  It’s not Israeli aggression, it’s Israeli defense.

And quite honestly, I’ll not be holding my breath to see how long it lasts.

Oh little town of Bethlehem…how still we see thee lie.

Gaza go now, have a Happy Black Friday, and be careful out there.

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