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There is much to be thankful for this year and every year.

Every day is a blessing.

Among other things, I’m thankful for life long friends who stay in touch, keep me posted, and UP to date on what’s going on around them.

Dan (you’ll always be Danny to me) Countryman sent me these pictures from our third grade year.  We were in different classes, so you can stop looking for me…I’m not in them.

But, some of you Germantowners might recognize a few, and maybe even yourself!

Of course, since Political Correctness wasn’t thought of in 1960, we all came to school as Indians or Pilgrims, well, most of us, I don’t think anyone wore plaid back then.  OK, maybe he was a Scottish Pilgrim!

Here are the Pilgrims…

I can’t name everyone in the picture, but Konnie Kees is second from the left on the last row, the Pilgrim next to the guy in plaid is Randy (now Phil) Zehring, and the girl to his left (your right) is Madonna Holbrook,  On the first row, I recognize Jackie Amburgey and Teresa Slusser.  If you can tell me who the rest are, that would be great!

Now, for the Indians…

Nola Eversole is the Indian in the middle of the first row.  Paul Karacia is the first on the left of the second row.  He like three others on that row have on the exact same outfit.  There was no Wal-Mart, so they must have been Indian Guides, although I don’t remember Germantown having any.   The last row includes, Mel Doolin and Dan Countryman, they are second and third from the left.

The rest…well, you’re on you own!

At any rate, it’s a great Thanksgiving memory.  All the classes dressed UP, and some of us wound UP in the Germantown Press.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

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