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Really, it was such a difficult decision this week.  You know, picking the Ass Of The Week.

I just couldn’t leave it at one.

I have the utmost respect for our military men and women serving world wide.  Those brave and valiant men and women who defend us, protect us, and fight for our freedoms hold a special place in my heart.  We owe them a great deal.

And we owe them better leaders.

Like I said, the decision was tough, so tough in fact, I couldn’t pick just one.

There are five.

Admiral James Stavidis, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, was cautioned by his boss, the Navy Secretary, Ray Mabus to exercise caution in his oversight of spending. It seems in this time of military scrutiny, and military budget questioning, that his spending has been questioned.  Too much cash for travel, so much so, that there is in investigation.

Then General John Allen got himself all tangled UP in the Petraeus affair.  The top commander in Afghanistan is all wrapped UP in an investigation of  possible inappropriate communication with Florida socialite Jill Kelley.  She’s the hotnick who is all tied UP in the mess with Paula Broadwell.  Seems some flirtatious emails from the General to Kelley and back are questionable.  Ok, maybe it’s just flirting, but when you’re holding you men and women to a high standard, shouldn’t you hold yourself to a higher one?

General William “Kip” Ward, former leader of the Africa Command, was demoted, and ordered to repay $82,000 for inappropriate and lavish spending, again, travel.  He lost a star, lost face, lost his command.  He traveled extravagantly while expecting his fighting soldiers to use Army transports.  I guess the travel perks just weren’t worth it.

Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair is facing multiple charges of sexual misconduct involving five women.  The charges include forcible sodomy and coercion.  The five women are former officers who served with and for him.

And of course, EX CIA Director and retired General David Petraeus is on the hot seat for his affair with Ms Broadwell, his biographer.  According to his confession and most reports, their affair started after his retirement, and continued while he was leading the nation’s most covert spy group.  Really, Dave, if you’re leading the group that spies on others around the world, don’t you think they might be watching you as well?  He lost his job, harmed his family, and has said that his wife of 37 years, Holly, is “beyond furious.”

Ya think?

It’s despicable behavior of men who send soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to battle, who ask others to lay down their lives for the country we love, and who punish these same men for the same acts they themselves, have committed.

The behavior of this gang of five makes burining a Koran and urinating on a dead Taliban seem trivial, though it isn’t.  What do they expect if these are the men leading them?

So congratulations boys, you’re the Brass Asses of The Week!

This Friday, there’s just nothing funny about it.  No, nothing at all.

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