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It’s Presidential Election time, and the news hounds are all waiting for that perfect one liner, that perfect mistake that will define or defeat one candidate or the other.

Here are some from the past that you may have forgotten.

“I’m not a crook!”  Richard Nixon.

Still a crook!

The Primal Scream by Howard Dean.


Joe Lieberman said he was “…gaining Joementum…” back in 2004.


Sarah Palin – well, just about everything she said!


President Obama bowling on the campaign trail.

The Obama Bowl

Governor Romney trying to get the crowd to yell “Romney/Ryan” and them responding with “Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!”.

Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!

Blago trying to sell the Illinois Senate Seat on tape.


and of course,

Dick Cheney’s ‘mishap’ while hunting…


…really, what’s a little buck shot in your best friend’s face?

If I’ve missed your favorite, let me know, and have a great Monday!

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