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In a galaxy far far away, astronomers have discovered a star twice the size of Earth orbiting a Sun.  Yeah, I know there’s lots out there, probably more than we know.  Why is this star so special?

It’s made of Diamonds.

Well, we all wondered where Elizabeth Taylor went when she died.

Could it be Planet Liz?

Taylor, a great beauty, actress, philanthropist, tabloid item, and jewel collector died on March 23, 2011.  She owned some of the most famous jewelry in the world, including the Krupp Diamond.  When sold at auction, The Krupp set a new record for per carat price for a colorless diamond.

She also owned La Peregrina Pearl, the 55.95 carat pearl once owned by Queen Mary I of England aka Bloody Mary.  The pearl has a 500 year history, and sold at the auction for $10.5 million.

Her jewel collection, including the Krupp and La Peregrina were sold at auction for nearly $116 million.  Though that might not buy a planet, it would probably make her the largest land owner there.

Taylor told Barbara Walters that she didn’t own the jewelry, she was the care taker until the next person came along.

Yeah, I think they should call it Planet Liz.


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