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As I rode home last night from North Carolina, I listened to news radio.  This is something I rarely do…because I think they are all the spawn of Satan…but since I missed the debates due to the fact that I was too tired to watch them, both men bore me, and since Barry Goldwater is dead, I have no one to vote for, I thought I’d catch UP on what the news hounds were saying.

The Debatenators

Everyone at MSNBC was in convulsions, the folks at Faux News were giddy with glee, CNN sounded like there was a pallor in the room, and HLN, oh, who am I kidding, I won’t listen to any station that allows Nancy disGrace in the studio, and every one, on every station had an opinion or two, or three, or ten thousand as to who, what, when, where, and why.

The general consensus was that the President didn’t bring his A game.  The reasons for it ranged from “Mitt Romney lied all night, and President Obama couldn’t his point across'” to “…it’s hard to concentrate on politics when it’s your 20th Anniversary…”

Governor John Sununu called the President “lazy”, several people blamed Paul Ryan…was he there?…and Al THE MAN WHO WORE A CRUSHED VELVET COAT TO THE OSCARS Gore blamed the altitude.

The 80s called, they want their coat back!

Seriously, he really said that.

The opinions went from ‘a bump in the road’ to ‘game changer’ to ‘we’ll see’.

Every one had an opinion.

And everyone was getting on my nerves.

And then I remembered, “I don’t listen to talk radio for a reason!”

And I have Sirius XM.

Reba never sounded so good!


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