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That was pretty easy to say back in 1967 when I got my learner’s permit.  All I had to do was drive to Jack’s Friendly Service, and Jack Kellis or Dave Bishop or one of the other guys who worked there came out, pumped my gas, took my $5.00, and I was on my way in Mom’s 1957 Bel Air!

Those were simpler times, no seat belts, gas was thirty-seven cents a gallon, there were two traffic lights in Germantown, and we could ride all weekend on five bucks!

Jack’s has been gone for years now, and there are no stations like his.

Check the oil, check the tires, clean the windshield, they did it all.

Car repairs – on credit – before credit cards, Jack knew everyone in town, trusted most of them, and was a smart enough business man to know when to stop the credit line.  And I know for a fact that he repaired some cars for cost, and sometimes free!

Well, a little piece of Germantown’s history died yesterday as Jack passed on.  When I saw the picture of Jack and his daughter Cheryl on Facebook, it brought me back.  Way back, my learner’s permit, driving all over the area with friends after picking UP a Coke from the cooler and some NABS from the counter – it was a real service station.  Real people, those who knew you, and those who knew what customer service was.

Yeah, it took me back.  I miss Jack’s, places like that, and I know we’ll all miss Jack.

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