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Ya know, I really don’t need Chelsea Handler telling me how to vote.  She was on Piers Morgan the other night lauding the President for his accomplishments and telling the viewers that four years really isn’t enough to get all that he needs to do done.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Chelsea’s a hoot.  I, on the rare occasion, watch her show.  She’s funny, but I don’t need her telling me how to vote.

Vote for Obama

For that matter, I don’t need Julia Roberts to do it, or Eva Longoria, or Martin Sheen, or Bill O’Reilly, or even Clint Eastwood.

I find it rather presumptuous that ‘stars’ use their bully pulpit to sway the minds of the American people.  And I find it abhorrent that  the American people would be swayed by them.

Yes, we wear their cologne, clothes, listen to their music and buy their books, we watch their shows, and we might even like them.  But, they don’t represent us.  Well, at least me.  I’m not a movie star, I’m not famous, I’m not rich, and I don’t really have a bully pulpit.  I mean after all, my little blog doesn’t have the reach that Chelsea has, and women don’t swoon over me like they do Clint.

Vote for Romney

Frankly, I can’t understand that last one!

So, Dear Hollywood, shut UP.  Election day will come soon enough, and the American populace will make UP their minds without your help!  The only two people we should be listening to are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney…then we’ll know.

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