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…Imagine my chagrin when I cranked UP the TV only to find that Dancing With The Stars had been preempted by those two again! 

I mean, really, haven’t we had enough?

And since on Mondays I’m used to seeing glamorously dressed dance partners whirl one another around the ballroom, I think it’s only fair to suggest that if a debate is going to knock DWTS off the stage, the participants should at least wear sequined gowns and have a dance off!

Really, it’s only fair.

Or, as my friend Tony says, how about a “bitch-slap” debate.  When they lie, some audience member runs onto the stage and slaps the bejesus out of the liar.

The one with the most slaps is the loser!

OK, OK, so it’s crime to slap the POTUS, but, we’re a forgiving people, a loving nation, one night would surely be fine.

The pundits, pundited afterward to the Nth degree.  Who won, who lost, who shot John.  I just can’t wait until it’s over!

I’m sure the average voter, and debate watcher has had enough!

And he probably looks like this…

I know I did!

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