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Back in 1922, King Victor Emanuel of Italy made the grievous error of appointing Benito Mussolini as the Prime Minister of Italy.

That didn’t work out so well!

The exhausted working class of Italy became increasingly Fascist under Mussolini.  His alliance with Hitler in WW II was the beginning of the end for the Kingdom of Italy, and Italy as a free nation.

The weak king, succumbed to Il Duce’s powers, turned the constitutional monarchy over the dictator, who led the Italian nation into the wrong side of the war.

An immensely popular king, who evoked applause where ever he and his Queen Elena went, made some very unpopular decisions.  Most notably, accepting the crown of Ethiopia and the fact that he stood idly by and remained silent when Mussolini issued his racial purity laws.

His reputation was so damaged, that when he fired Benito, had him arrested, claimed allegiance to his Axis Alliance while secretly making preparations to join the Allies, the country demanded a plebiscite on the monarchy.

Finally abdicating in favor of his son Umberto, he fled to Egypt,  It didn’t work, the kingdom of Italy was no more.

He died in exile.

Mussolini died more ignominiously.  He was shot and his body hanged for display.

Make sure your Monday decisions are the right ones!


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