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There were so many from which to choose this week, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, the list goes on.  But, alas I had to settle on one.  Well, actually, one group.

The Canton Ohio School Board.

Yep, you’re the winner!

Here’s why.

Zachary Aufderheide, rebel and good guy has ticked off the School Board of Canton Ohio.

Sorry Lori, I just can’t let this one go!

He is growing his hair to a ten inch pony tail so he can cut it and donate it to Locks of Love, a program which provides wigs to children and women with cancer and other medical problems, who have lost their hair due to treatment.

It’s a good cause, and one that I support.  If I had hair, which you all know I don’t, I’d do the same.

Zachary, who is 17, lacks one inch of hair to meet his goal.

The big bad school board says no, the hair must go, screw the kids with cancer, hit the barber shop!

Yes, Canton School Board – you are all the Asses of the Week this week!  And I’m guessing it’s an honor you’ll accept proudly.

This is ridiculous.

Every argument I had with my Dad about my hair back in the 1960s and 1970s was a complete and total waste of time.  When Bob Batten, my Jr. Hi. And later on, my Sr. Hi. Principal made me cut my bangs, it was a waste of time.  When the Dean of Students at Piedmont made a special trip to my dorm room to tell me to cut my hair, it was a waste of time.  Who gives a rat’s ass about the length of hair?

I don’t.  And frankly, I never did.

My son, Donovan, had tons of hair in High School, and he donated it to Locks of Love when it came time for HIM to make the decision to cut his hair.

Zachary was ‘picked-on’, i.e. bullied as a child, and wants to help kids who have lost their hair so that they might avoid the same experience.

I think that’s a good thing!

Zachary said,  “I was picked on so I know where they’re coming from, I know how they feel so I sort of sympathize with them because I’ve been there.”

Well, I’ve been there too, Zachary, I was a 37 pound first grader who wore toddler clothes UP until the third grade!!  I know what the inside of a locker looks like!  I’ve had a wedgie, and I’ve even been beat UP by a girl…thanks Robin Buehner for that experience…so kudos to Zach, and brickbats to the School Board.

Start worrying about the ABC’s and forget the hair.

Zachary’s mother, oddly enough, also named Robin, said she understood and respected the school’s dress code, but wanted officials to make an exception in her son’s case.

I don’t understand their decision, I don’t understand why hair is a part of the dress code!

Zachary, who’s more of a man than most 17 year olds, went to the School Board, argued his case, and was pooh-poohed by the Board.  Members of the Board came to him after the meeting saying that they applauded his efforts, but didn’t want to go against the dress code.

Wuss Wuss!

I suppose that would have been just too slippery of a slope!

What’s next, pierced ears, bright colors, and OMG, paisley?

The school’s principal told her son he had until Monday to get his hair cut, according to mom.

He decided not to.

So, they suspended him!

“And we didn’t do it. We didn’t do it. I measured it and he’s got, oh, less than an inch to grow …,” said, Robin, his mother.

According to the dress code in the Canton Local School District’s student handbook, “Hair for male students shall be neat and clean and shall not be worn covering the eyes, in a ponytail, or extending beyond the bottom of the regular shirt collar.”

After he donates his hair, he said, he’ll be happy to maintain it at regulation length.

Zach, I say, “let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!”

And Canton School Board, 1968 called, they need you back!

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