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This won’t happen again for another 100 years!

If you were born on this date, you’re a hundred now!  You had a pretty good chance of being named John or Mary, depending on your sex, and if not those two, William or Helen.

William Howard Taft, the fattest President ever, was in the White House, but Woodrow Wilson was elected just a month later.

Fat man!

China became a Republic – well, sort of.  Carl Jung published his “Theory of Psychoanalysis”, and Turkey was at war.

Gee, some things never change!  Turkey got their Fezs kicked by an alliance of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro.  Now, a hundred years later, Syria is about to get their asses kicked by Turkey!

Ford Motor Company made 78,440 cars, and didn’t recall a single one!  Henry Ford slashed prices on the Model T by $80, claiming that every dollar slashed brought  in a thousand new buyers.  Ok, so his math skills were lacking.  He also broke a strike at the Buffalo, NY plant by closing it down and moving lock, stock, and barrel to Detroit, Michigan.


Girls could become Girl Scouts for the first time since Georgian, Juliette Gordon Low started UP the organization.

Juliette and Girl Scouts

Standard Oil opened UP the first Gas Station in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Prior to that you had to buy gas at the hardware store or if you were lucky, the lumber yard!!


Federal spending was…wait for it…$0.69 Billion!

Unemployment was 4.9%, and the average worker earned $1033 a year.  Butter was and outrageous 37 cents a pound and bringing home the bacon would cost you 24 cents for each pound.

In 1912, people could go see Universal Pictures movies for the first time, eat Oreos and Lorna Doones, if they could sneak them in, and if they had the nickel, they could get a prize in their Cracker Jacks for the very first time.  And for the first time ever, Cranberry sauce came in a can!  Yuck!

Arizona and New Mexico became states, and the brand new LL Bean company had two new states to ship to.

Lane began making cedar chests, and Dale Carnegie gave a course on public speaking!

Kinda makes you wonder what the next 100 years will bring.  Flying cars? They been promising them for a long time.

And what would Taft, Teddy, and Henry Ford think now.  Auto bail outs, trillion dollar budgets, $4 a gallon gas, and $7 Cracker Jacks at $12 movies!

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