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Well, it used to be World’s Finest Chocolate, and it still tastes great!  But recently, a friend of mine brought her child’s fundraiser to work, and of course, being a dad, a former band-parent, and a chocoholic, I partook in the poison she had to offer.

World's Smallest Chocolate

Surprisingly, they are still only a buck a bar.

Surprisingly, they are smaller than they have ever been.

Optical Illusion?

They used to be about an inch thick, now, not so much.

Thinner than ever!

And, frankly, when it comes to chocolate, size matters!

Also recently, I had an occasion where I needed Nilla Wafers. (More on that on Thursday!)

They are tiny too.

Nilla Wafers

Is it me?

My eyes?

The fact that I’m grown UP?

It put me in mind of how I remember the Seniors in High School when I was in the first grade.  They were huge.  Big people, practically adults.

But, as I passed from grade to grade, the Seniors each year seemed smaller, shorter, less mature.

Later in life I realized that I too was growing UP, and they were as Seniors, reaching the end of their growth spurt. Things were evening out.

By the time I was a Senior, I thought people were getting smaller, which of course, contradicted what scientists and doctors told us.

Really, what do scientists and doctors know anyway?

But, for some reason, I can’t make myself believe that the chocolate bar and the nilla wafer only look smaller because I’ve grown UP.  Frankly, I think there is shrinkage involved.

Lots of shrinkage.

The price is still the same, we’re just not getting the same size for our money.

Is it just me?

I think not.

Come on Nabisco and World’s Finest Chocolate people, fess UP.  You know you’re ripping us off. I want a chocolate bar that looks like a chocolate bar and a nilla wafer that looks like it used to!

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