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As you know, my lovely niece, Jenny, inspired Redneck Latte Ravings.  Well, actually, not the title, but she did inspire me to start this blog nearly three years ago.


Jenny is the youngest of my oldest sibling’s children.  She has two siblings, Charles and Andy, she posts about them often.  She has three children, one husband, and six nieces and nephews.  She’s a busy girl, family, church, friends, amassing swag, blogging, going to blog conferences – free , I might add, keeping a tidy house…ok, I made that UP…and working with her children to make them productive, positive human beings.

And blathering on about them all the time on her blog!!

She’s a great gal.  One I dearly love.  Very social, slightly shallow, a touch vain, and mercilessly spoiled by her daddy and her husband.  She’s an inspiration to women worldwide.

She even gets me to smile in pictures, an act I usually avoid!

UP and Jenny on his birthday!

She was born barely a month before my wedding.  The first thing her mom said to me was, “I had the baby, I can come to the wedding.”  Now, there was no ban on preggos at the impending nuptials, the invitations did not say, “no in utero guests please”, nor was it implied that larger people need not attend.  Frankly, I’ve never figured that one out.


But, I ramble again, and today, on Jenny’s 35th birthday, I thought I’d see what historical figures share her birth date, and try to find a minor degree of separation.

She shares the date with royalty.  No surprise there.  Louis VIII and Louis XIV of France were both born on September 5th some 450 years apart, as was Prince Pierre Casiraghi, one of Grace Kelly and the Fat Guy’s grandchildren.   Louis XIV was a rake and a libertine, so there is no comparison there.  He was into fashion and his hair was over the top.  He wore blush as well.  Most of the French aristocrats did.  So we can link the two, Jenny and Louis, there.  After all, hair, make UP and fashion are her passions just behind Josh, Sophie and Jonah!

Louis XIV

She loves movies and theater, and was the star of one of her school plays.  I was not privileged to see her rendition of Annie, but my dad, her grandfather, raved about her performance.  On this note, she shares the date with movie producers Darryl F. Zanuck and Jack Valenti, actor Michael Keaton, and actresses Gage Golightly and Caroline Sunshine.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

She shares the date with Raquel Welch as well – a great hair connection!

Raquel Welch

Her sports ability and coordination are rarely discussed because she has none, so I do find it odd that so many sports figures share the date.  Footballers, cricketeers, soccer players, tennis pros, and rugby men with September 5 birthdays abound!  Ironically, Tatyana Gutsu a Ukrainian Gymnast was born that day as well!

Not gonna happen!

Her musical talent hit its stride in high school, but none the less, she loves music, and has a play list to rival Paul Ryan’s, so I find it comforting that so many musicians were born on this date.  Freddy Mercury of Queen fame, rapper Jamie Spaniolo, Liam Lynch of Sifl and Olly, Dweezil Zappa, English Rock Guitarist Clem Clempson, Al Stewart, Eduard Mata, John Stewart of the Kingston Trio, Carol Lawrence, Country Singer Buddy Williams, blues pianist Sunnyland Slim, and Johan Christian Bach – the 11th and youngest son of Johan Sebastian Bach!

Another reason she should have named Jonah Johan!

This connection is just another reason she should have listened to me and chosen a family name, Johan Lefonius for her third and ‘final’ child!

But, regardless of those who try to take the spotlight from her on this day, today Jenny is the shining star of the family.  She’s still daddy’s little girl, our lovely niece, and Grandma’s little princess.

And she always will be.

Happy Birthday!  The staff at Redneck Latte Ravings wishes you the best day yet!

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