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This is my 1000th post!

Who knew back in 2009 that I’d keep this UP?

UP Close

Over the past (almost) three years I’ve posted about family, friends, farts, food, facts, fiction, fights, frights, and felonies.

It’s been fun.

But a thousand posts!

Who knew I had that much to say.  Oh, yes, I know, Nellie Cunningham once said, “…that kid could talk the legs off an iron pot…”, but really, 1000 posts.

And all those folks who read them!!

I’m moved and touched every day when anyone comments, reads, or clicks on the site.

I’ve learned a lot with the research, grown a lot in my own ideals and perspective, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

It all started with an introduction to me.  I really had no idea where it would go, if it would go, or if any one would read it.

Over the three years, I’ve received almost no swag (except a lovely cake plate from Nola), been recognized by one person at a Waffle House in Tennessee as “the Redneck Latte guy”, and virtually ignored by the main stream media and the rest of the blogging world.

Feel free to back track today, and catch UP on some you may have missed.  Or some you liked best, or even hated!

I’m hoping for a 1000 more!

Thanks for being such faithful readers.

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