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The last time Jimmy Hoffa was seen alive was on July 30, 1975.  He was supposed to meet UP with a New Jersey Teamsters boss and a Mafia Chieftain.  Apparently lunch didn’t go well, because the Union Boss disappeared.


For those of you born a decade or two after I was, Hoffa was the leader of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. That’s a huge and powerful labor union.  Hoffa was a convicted felon as well, having been convicted of bribery and a few other charges by a Chattanooga, Tennessee jury.  They sentenced him to eight years, he fought the convictions, lost the battle, did some time in prison, and ran the union from the Graybar Hotel.  He was eventually sentenced to a total of 13 years, but spent about five Christmases in the slammer.

The Teamsters were believed to be ‘all mobbed UP’, that’s connected to the Mafia, crooked, etc. in street.

Hoffa was released with the condition that he not participate in union activities.  I mean, really, who wants a crooked union leader?

But, in reality, along with his $1.7 million lump sum pension pay out, he retained tremendous influence on the IBT, even if he was no longer ‘running’ it.

Obviously, someone had had enough, and Jimmy had to go.  His disappearance was news, big news, all the news.  I can only imagine in today’s world of 24 hour non-stop annoying coverage that we are destined to endure, how much more quickly the public would have tired of the story.

But, since back then, there were three channels, and the news came on at 6 PM and 11 PM, the story remained news for EVER!

Hoffa’s body was never found.  He was declared legally dead on July 30, 1982, and the search continues today.  There were rumors galore.  He was buried in the Giants stadium, ground UP and thrown in a Florida swamp, obliterated by a mob owned rendering plant, under some one’s pool, under the interstate, you name it, there were plenty.

Frankly, there was a time I was sure if we’d dug deep enough, we’d have found him in my son’s room, but alas, ‘not there!’

Now, a new tip has surfaced.  There’s a spot of 12′ by 12′ land that ‘has been disturbed at sometime’ in Michigan that is being tested for human decomposition.  So, digging starts today, and the results will be back next week.  Hoffaites, conspiracy theorists, and historians are once again all a twitter!

According to the FBI, since Hoffa’s remains have never been found, ‘all leads must be followed”.

Seriously, the guys been dead for thirty seven years.  Does anyone really give a crap?  But, I suppose the search is keeping some anthropologist at Michigan State University employed, the news media has a new/old topic to give us a reprieve from the frickin’ Presidential race, and oh hell, Honey Boo Boo hasn’t done anything this week.  They may as well dig UP the dirt.

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