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I think it’s no secret that I’m a Southern Rock fan.

Skynyrd, Steve Miller, Marshall Tucker, The Allman Brothers Band, I love them all.

Allman Brothers Band

So, when Gregg Allman’s autobiography came out, I picked it UP!

Which Cross

The book is called My Cross To Bear.  The title, for those of you who aren’t SoRo Devotees, is from a song by Gregg called “Not My Cross To Bear”.

It’s an interesting title, and an interesting book.

I’ll have to admit, it’s a little hard to read.

First of all, the grammar.  Honestly, Emily, don’t read it.  Your head would explode.  The information is fascinating, his life amazing, but I still can’t understand how a man who can write such poetic songs can’t put the English language in the right order!

Duane and me. Me and Cher, like, ya know, and profanities galore fill the book.

They should have called it A Dialogue by Gregg Allman.  It’s talking, not writing.

But, it’s a great read.  Granted, I had to stop every 20 pages and read some George Eliot just to restore my faith in grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, but I really enjoyed the story.

I’ll have to admit, and this is no secret either, I’m a Cher fan, and Gregg Allman was briefly married to Cher…at least long enough to produce a record and a son, Elijah Blue Allman.  The record’s called “Two The Hard Way”.

Allman and Woman

It was an abysmal marriage and an even more abysmal musical collaboration.  As in, it was a flop!

The big surprise for many in the book is the debunking of the Brotherhood of Southern Rockers.  They don’t all know one another, they don’t hang out together, and they aren’t friends.!  What?

And of course the most disturbing line came when Gregg said that Skynyrd was great, but they attracted a more Redneck crowd than the Allman Brothers Band!

What the….

As the book wore on, I found myself wondering, “Which Cross?”.  There were so many.

Was it the loss of his father at an early age, poverty as a child, military school, the death of his brother Duane, the heroin addiction, the alcoholism, the six ex-wives, the five offspring, the 20 or so stints in re-hab,  the hep C, or the liver transplant.

Really, which was it?

It’s a fast read, a good read, and an interesting read, even if it’s not grammatically correct!

I will have to admit, that Skynyrd comment made me cry a little.

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