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I think it’s no secret that the Interstate Highway System, Cars, and The Space Program are three of my favorite things. I’ve posted about all of them before in many ways.

I’ll have to admit, I think the Space Program has done more for the world than just about anything else we Americans have had to offer.

Tang, Teflon, and the Microwave alone have made a difference.

The Astronauts were my first heroes.  I remember the seven men from the Mercury Project, I remember President Kennedy saying that we would put “a man on the moon by the end of the decade.”

Due to an assassin’s bullet, the President didn’t live to see that dream come true.  But I did.  On July 21, 1969 – I was seventeen – Neil Armstrong made that giant leap for mankind by taking one small step onto the surface of the moon.  The moon was forever changed for those of us who knew that no man had been there before, and that the dusty surface, heretofore un-ruffled, was now a pedestrian pathway.

Armstrong on the Moon

That step gave the American Space Program and America the shot in the arm it needed to remind itself of its greatness, its place in the world, and what we had to offer.

Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, and we as a nation are forever in his debt for that boost.  His courage, desire, drive, and dedication inspired millions, gave us pride in our nation, and allowed The United States of America to shine.

He was a hero, he remains a hero, and the Eagle Scout from the small town of Wapokeneta, Ohio changed history, lives, and how we felt about ourselves as a nation.  Yes, one small step from the man we lost this week was a giant leap for mankind.

Footprint on the Moon

RIP Neil Armstrong – 08-05-1930  –  08-25-2012.

Neil Armstrong

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