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The Ugandan government has asked its people to stop kissing.

No Kissing!

No, they’ve not gone all sanctimonious on us, there’s an Ebola outbreak, and this is the government’s way of stopping it.

Well, now, that’s a health care plan.

14 people have died so far, and the government thinks this will help.  They’ve asked people to stop shaking hand and hugging too.

This isn’t the first time in history that a government has tried to stop kissing, as a matter of fact, Tiberius, a Roman Emperor banned it way back in 20 AD.

Roman Kiss

The problem then wasn’t Ebola, it was herpes.

Seems the Roman army had brought it back from a campaign, and viola, there was an outbreak.

Banning kissing in Rome was a huge deal.  The Romans were a very sexual group…ever go to Pompeii?  Some of the frescoes there were so explicit, archaeologists covered them back UP!!

So, if you’re planning a trip to Uganda today – and who would? – make sure not to hug, shake, or kiss anyone!

Geez, and they though Idi Amin was bad!

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