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I may have posted about this earlier, really, the memory isn’t all that great these days.  But if I have, give me a pass will ya’?  I mean, just let it go.

I’m talking about anger.

Now, some folks my see the hypocrisy in this, because, I do, on the rare occasion get angry.  Getting angry isn’t a problem, staying angry is.

Sure, sure, I might still harbor a small grudge against Miss Rogers, my third grade teacher for the way she treated me from time to time, but years and dollars thrown at therapy have helped.

And, sure, I might still have a touch of malice against a bully or two from grade school, but not so much these days.

Why?,  Well, I’ve learned that being angry, and more importantly, staying angry only hurts me.

I can stay pissed at you for decades, and you don’t feel it. You don’t care about it, and you probably don’t even know it. But, it does hurt me.

Anger is a self-debilitating emotion.  It hurts the angry. Only the angry.

There have been slights, abuses of trust, and outright affronts made to me in the past.  And, the hurt and, yes, the anger lasts a while.  But, after a decade or two I eventually let it go.

And you should too.

Oh, I’m not saying that ‘once bitten, twice shy’ doesn’t apply, and I’m not saying that associations of the past can resume, or that things will be ‘just as they were’, but holding onto something forever only makes you hurt more.

During the Civil War, the Union Army commandeered a plantation in Virginia.  They cut the limbs from trees that had shaded the house for nearly a hundred years and left the boles standing.  The mistress of the plantation was in the yard bemoaning the plight of her stately elms, when General Robert E. Lee arrived.  She railed against the Union Army, the General in charge, the men who had destroyed her home and trees. General Lee gave her some sage advice.  He simply said, “Cut them down.”

Cut them down.

Yes, there are just some things you have to let go.

Let it go.

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