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…British Royal, or any royal for that matter, to get caught with his pants down.

And he’s not even the first to get it caught on camera!

Of course I’m talking about Prince Harry.  Lately of Buff Vegas fame.

The Crown Jewels

TMZ recently posted this picture and others of the Prince in le Buff at le MGM in Las Vegas.

He had been playing strip pool.  Looks like he lost, or won, depending on how you look at it.

Of course Buckingham Palace is all in a dither, Her Majesty is ROYALLY Pissed, Fergie, the Duchess of York is taking a breather, and Kate is relishing in the fact that she married the non-party royal, and maybe wondering what could have been.  Hmmm.

But, he’s not the first.

Henry VIII knocked UP Anne Bolyen’s sister, Mary, long before he had an affair with Anne.  He knocked UP a lot of other girls as well.  Henry loved the ladies, and even some who weren’t ladies at all.  He was particularly fond of prostitutes.

Henry VIII

He had six wives, divorced 2, beheaded 2, one died after child-birthing his only son, and the other out lived him.  Of course, she had syphilis.

Prince Albert Victor, Harry’s great-great-great uncle, was all wrapped UP in a scandal that included male prostitutes, male brothels, blackmail, and his daddy, then Prince of Wales and future King Edward VII, getting it all hushed UP.  Oddly enough, Alfred Victor died before he could be come king.

Prince Albert Victor

Of course Edward had 55 known mistresses in his life time, and was married to one of the most beautiful women in Europe.  One of his mistresses, who BTW is Camilla’s great-great grandmother, was at the King’s bedside when he died.

Alice Keppel

Edward VII

So was his wife!

Queen Alexandra

Of course, there’s the toe-sucking scene with Fergie and her boyfriend.

Toe Fetish

Diana’s boyfriends, as in several…it wasn’t just James Hewatt.

Diana's Lovers

The Duke of Windsor, formerly, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry “the woman he loved”.  And frankly, I’m still not sure that Wallis Simpson wasn’t really a man at one time!

Wallis and Edward

Harry’s Daddy, AKA, Prince Charles had countless affairs.  One of his former loves sang at this wedding to Lady Di.  And Harry’s current step-mom had an on and off affair for years with Charles, until both of them said, screw it and hooked UP for good.

Chuck and Cam

Princess Anne’s 1st husband fathered a child with another woman while he was married to the Princess Royal.

Capt Phillips and The Princess Royal

Queen Victoria’s uncle, King William IV, had over a dozen children by his mistress.  They lived together for 20 years before and during his reign.  He had no legitimate children; ergo the Royal Family of today.

King William IV

Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, the Duke of Kent, George by name, was a heroin addict, and was banned from the George V hotel in Paris for tearing UP the house.  He was also nearly called to testify in the Gloria Vanderbilt custody trial. Something to do with his 5,000 volume porno collection, and whether or not Anderson Cooper’s mommy had seen any of it.


He died in a suspicious plane crash that was about as accidental as Diana’s car wreck.  Harry better watch out!

The Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret Rose, was…what’s the word I’m looking for…trampy, and a drunk.  She was madly in love with Peter Townsend, no, not the guitarist with the Who, but a hunky military man.  Her family would have none of it, and Margaret got even, in spades.  She married a commoner, a photographer, and a Lothario who cheated on her constantly.  BTW, she was married once.  She found solace in the arms of other men – Jack Daniels, Jim Beam…and in the arms of real men often.

Princess Margaret Rose

The British Royal family is rife with horny, hunky, rich bad boys (and girls) who love to get naked and get laid.

Harry’s mistake, or the mistake of his entourage, was not confiscating the cell phones!

Somebody’s gettin’ canned!

Get over it!

And, don’t get me started on the French!

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