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It’s been ailing appliance week at Casa Latte.

First, my 18 year old washer went home to be with the Lord, and today,  the day after my new Kenmore/R2D2/C3PO washer was installed, Mr. Coffee brewed his last pot.

Space Oddity!

Really, at my place, if it’s a choice between dirty clothes or coffee, Mr. Coffee wins!

It’s a good thing the washer was already here.

Of course, I didn’t get free appliances like some people I know, and with me not sucking UP to Frigidaire or Sears, I had to buy my Kenmore!

And last night when Jose and Josb, cousins from El Salvador,  came to install said washer, I’ll have to admit  I was intrigued.

It’s very, very space age.  Blue twinkling lights, computer sounds, glass lid.

It is very, very eco-friendly.  It uses less water, less electricity – because you have to power it UP each time you want to use it – and the clothes supposedly come out cleaner.  I’ll let you know.

It makes noises I’ve never heard from a washer – and the old noises aren’t there.

It’s kinda strange…but I really like it.

So after tossing a load in, firing it UP, and heading down stairs, I planned on a cup of joe.  But, alas, like I said UP there, Mr. Coffee had brewed his last pot, so off to Wallyworld I dashed for a new one.

Me without a coffee pot for more than 30 minutes is, well, it just isn’t!

Fighting through the “Friday before schools starts” crowd at the big box owned by the wealthiest family in America which is shopped in by the poorest Wal-Mart, was no fun.  But, Harold, the greeter was ever so happy to show me where the coffee pots were hidden located.

Alas, I walked into a dream world of technology.  A plethora of pots, a cyclorama of carafes, a Cinderella’s Castle of Coffee Makers stood before me with light from Heaven shining on them, each of them saying like that silly twit on “Grey’s Anatomy”, “…pick me, choose me, love me…”.


There were coffee makers that had clocks, timers, water pre-heaters, thermal carafes – there was even one that brewed 12 cups in under 3 minutes!  Some of them were over a hundred bucks!

Looking at the arresting array of appliances, I said – in side – “For the love of John Glenn, I just wanna make coffee, not launch the Space Shuttle!”

But, out loud, I said, “Ah, there you are $19, twelve cup, on off switch, no clock Mr. Coffee.  Come with me, I’m sure we’ll be good for each other!”

Mr. Coffee

After all, if you can’t wait more than three minutes for coffee, well, there’s just gotta be a 12 step program for that!

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