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I hate to go all negative on you, but Karl Lagerfeld not only wins the AOTW award this week, he wins the Too Rude To Be True award as well.

Karl, no beauty in his own right…


Was quoted recently saying, “…I don’t like her sister’s face, she should only show her back.”

The her in question:  The Duchess of Cambridge – stop calling her Princess Catherine…if anything, she’s The Princess William – and the sister in question: well, Pippa.

Pip Pip Horray!

Pippa’s derriere did garner a lot of attention as she trailed down Westminster Abbey behind her prettier sister.

Leaving it all behind!

And, I’ll admit, Kate caught the Prince, so there’s something to the looks thing, but really, Pippa’s not butt ugly!

Lagerfeld, on the other hand has a face that could stop a clock, make a freight train take a dirt road, scare babies, crack a mirror….the man’s not just ugly, he’s fugly!!  One tweeter said:  “He’s so ugly, the Elephant Man would pay to see him!”

And, really, one has to feel for Kate as well.  It’s not easy being the pretty one, I should know!

Karl just needs to shut UP!

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