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With all the crap going on in the world, this shouldn’t be an issue.

But, what Ann Romney and Michelle Obama wear is news, and can be controversial.

Both women are married to rich, powerful men.

Both women have their ‘own’ money.

Both women have excellent taste in clothing.

Both women are always on display, have to look their best, and have to pay attention to their clothes.

So, when Mrs. Obama showed UP at Buckingham Palace (I’m sure my invite got lost in the mail) in a $6,800 beaded jacket, the shit hit the fan.

Mrs. Obama at Buckingham Palace

Good thing she ducked, it was white!

And Mrs. Romney was on a morning talk show or two in a $900 blouse.

Mrs. Romney

BFD!  It’s their money.

I know, I know, ‘…economic hard times…people suffering…loss of homes…loss of jobs…’  yada, yada, yada!

There’s always bad news out there, the President’s wife looking good isn’t a bad thing…especially if she’s got the money to do it.

The whole brouhaha makes me harken back to the days when Rosalynn Carter wore the same OMG dress to her husband’s inauguration as President as she did to his inauguration as Georgia’s Governor six years earlier.

Mrs. Carter

Everyone was pissing an moaning then about her being ‘homey’ or ‘tacky’ or ‘too country’.  And when they found out the woman could sew her own clothes, well, it was as though the Clampetts had moved into the White House.

Make UP your minds!

Neither Michelle Obama nor Ann Romney will be President next year.  Neither Michelle Obama nor Ann Romney are running for the job.

Leave them alone!

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