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You hear it all the time.   You hum along to it in the elevator, the mall, any where music is played, some times you remember a word or two, recognize the melody, and a memory returns.

It could be the Opera, Elvis, or Sunday Morning at church.

Because it’s the same song!

O Sole Mio.

Written in 1898, the song hails from Naples, Italy.  It was written by Giovanni Capurro and Eduardo di Capua.  The literal translation of the title is My Sunshine.  The song was in public domain for years, but in 2002, a judge in Turin declared that Alfredo Mazzucchi – who was thought to be a music transcriber – was actually the third writer.  The song in now copyrighted until 2042.  Prior to that Elvis had it re-written, and John W. Peterson, and sacred music and gospel music writer re-wrote it as “Down From His Glory”.


It was played at the Olympics in 1920 when the Italian National Anthem couldn’t be found.  The Marx Brothers used it in Monkey Business.  It was used in Alvin and the Chipmunks, Shower, and The Addams Family. As recently as this June, “O Sole Mio” along with “It’s Now of Never” was sung for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at her Jubilee.

The song has been covered by every one from Caruso to Il Volo, and has become a part of our musical minds…it’s in the DNA if you will.

For Opera fans, Pavarotti does it best.  Click here to hear him.


The Baptists in the crowd will remember a version similar to this one, if they click here.


And, for all you Elvis fans out there, who by the way could be both Baptist and Opera fans, click here.


Different strokes, different folks, same song!

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