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Today is the birth  date of President Benjamin Harrison.


Benjamin Harrison

He was the 23rd President of the United States, and he’s an Ohio boy.  He was born in North Bend, Ohio, but went to the White House from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Both states claim him.

Really, it’s a heated battle.

Harrison hailed from one of the oldest families in the nation.  His ancestor, the 1st Benjamin Harrison landed at Jamestown, and one of his ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence.

He fought for the Union during the War of Northern Aggression, was a US Senator from Indiana, was nominated as the Republican nominee, and defeated the incumbent President, Grover Cleveland.

He was a civil rights president, fighting for voter’s rights throughout his term.

He lost to Cleveland in a re-match four years later.

Ben learned from history, and dared not repeat it. His grandfather, William Henry Harrison was president before him. Gramps had the longest inaugural address of all the Presidents, caught a cold, and ended UP with the shortest term. He died some 64 days into office; the nasty cold he caught while blathering on during the festivities “done him in”.

Ben was smarter than that.  He had to be, he was a Miami University at Oxford grad!


Now, isn’t that interesting?

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