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There are just some people out there who could screw UP anything.

And it seems I know them all!

You know, the person who’s life is such a mess it messes UP everyone else’s.

The one who comes to you with a flaming bag of poo in their hand and wants you to stomp it out.

Flaming Bag of Poo!

Frankly, I pay too much for my shoes for that, and I don’t want to gunk UP my Guccis!  Fix your own problems, leave me out of it.  Learn what you’re doing, ask the right questions before hand, have a plan, a process:  don’t try and take mine!

Clean UP you own messes!

I didn’t make your choices, I didn’t opt for the short cuts you took, and I’m not going to suffer the consequences.

Just because you have the Roto Rooter touch and every thing you touch turns to shinola doesn’t mean my Pradas need to get all pukey!

Find another address!  Don’t leave that flaming bag of dog doo ablaze on my front porch!

Of course, none of my readers need to hear this, and the ones who do, won’t see it, but some days, a boy just needs to rant!

Have a great Thursday!

And thanks for listening.

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