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Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2008.

She almost has her campaign debt paid off.

Really, that’s not too bad.  She left the campaign with more than $25 million in IOUs.

She’s whittled that down to just under $100,000.

Happy Hillary

I say, “You go girl!”

But, sadly, celebrities and ‘the little people’  are getting increasingly bad at paying off their debts.  Campaign debt being one.   Student loans are another.

Now, Hil has no student loans, but lots of people do!

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Student loans are growing, and so is student loan default.

The group amassing the most student loan debt right now is the 50-55 year old female!

Why?  Empty nester moms are going back to school in record numbers, most of  it on line.  And, why not?  The kids are gone, they’ve put Thad and Tiffany through 13 years of EL-HI and four years at the University of Budweiser, so it’s their turn.

But, will they live long enough to pay it off?

Who knows?

Will they get a job that pays well enough to pay it off?

Who knows?

Education is a wonderful thing, and I’m glad for them, but the “vulture colleges” out there are raking it in, and the bills are mounting UP.

Analysts say that the debt, unlike Hil’s will never be paid off!

But, at least they’ll all be smart educated!

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